How It Works

6 Simple Steps

We know that putting on a show can be a huge undertaking and the last thing you need is any more stress. That’s why we’ve made our process as simple and easy as possible.

1. Make Your Booking

Find out if we’re available by filling out our Enquiry Form or calling Matthew on 07985 083374.

Once you’ve booked you’ll get a confirmation email and contract to check and sign. 


2. Pre-Production

We’ll send you a welcome pack with everything you need to start taking orders. 

We’ll arrange a pre-production meeting or call to make sure we have everything we need to produce an amazing video. 

3. Show Night

On the night we like to arrive early to allow plenty of time to set up, so you can expect us at least an hour before the show starts. 

We know that you’ll be busy so we’ll liaise with the theatre staff and technicians. 

4. Post-Production

We put a huge amount of time and effort into editing your video so please allow 6-8 weeks for post-production.

You’ll get the chance to check and approve the final version.

5. Final Delivery

Once you’ve signed off the final video and confirmed the number of copies, we’ll have them manufactured and delivered to your studio. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching back your show.

If you’ve chosen to add a commission to the videos, this is the part where you get paid!

6. Book Us For Next Year

We’re confident that you’ll love working with us and be very happy with the final result. If that’s the case, it’s never too early to book us again for your next show!